Piano arrived

The Privia 830 arrived today.

Installing this takes a little bit of patience but the instructions were clear and they included Styrofoam pieces that aid in the installation. Very clever. There were a couple of minor issues. A thin wood backing was cracked and a couple of places could have fit better but overall impression is that for under $800, this could not be beat. At first I was fearing that I would regret not buying the high gloss finish version ( cost $500 more ), but after putting this together, I think this is just as good if not better. Unlike the high gloss, this will not show fingerprints as much.


Converting single wordpress blog to network ( aka MU )

What should be simple took quite a while. There is really only way to do this, and that is from scratch.

1) Create an XML export

2) Rename your install and put it somewhere else

3) Drop the database, create a new one

4) Install WordPress

5) Follow the instructions for network install

6) Import your XML.

7) copy the upload directory from the old instance

Casio PX-830

So I finally went ahead and bought a keyboard. It really has everything I want. Small profile, weighted keys, very few features. I can’t wait!

I bought the BK model and not the BP model. The difference is in the polished wood. I just couldn’t justify the extra $500 for the polished finish. I hope I don’t regret not spending the extra dough.